Sep 30, 2006

Kuskokwim Kruzer...Miss Pugsley

Want to preface this posting with a big thanks to Surly...after a 10 year hiatus doing any serious expedtion riding here in rural Alaska, your products have renewed my interest...I'm thinking bikes again and waking with new project applications daily...we're creating our own Endomorph society here in rural Alaska...via la' Large Marge!


Link to the PhotoSet here!

Pugsley Kuskokwim River Kruzer Miss Pugsley 'work-bike'...getting the layup standardized...~3/4 the way there!



Surly racks are bombproof, great hardware, a little heavy but nothing a sawsall couldn't fix to modify the surly rear for the front...sealed the cuts with clear enamel nail-polish!


Single Paul Touring canti works well, more than adequate for beach and river riding's simple...key was retro-ing w/a salsa wide hanger - which changes the width and pull angle and enables plenty clearance.


Doug White Duo Freewheel 17/19 is ideal - bravo primo Americano...but need a chaintensioner to make manual gear switching convenient...will add one this week.


Jones Bar...goes full-tilt w/o saying! Once you use one....!

Frame Bagbike_pugs_frtwheelredzzipp_jonesproto1


SURLY NEEDS (thus far):

bottle braze-ons 'under' the downtube for litre fuel / water bottle hanger...every serious fatbiker I know is using a framebag in the main triangle for expeditioning - it's really the only way to go, so use of inside brazeons is limited!

access to rack braze-ons (esp near the head of the fork) are limited...need to move them out-board a/o have some longer bolts and poly spacers...especially for retrofit centering on the pugs offset frameset.

some good options for a cablestop for the cantis (esp the rear).

to get Phil Wood to make a 'real' bottom bracket for the Pugs shell...;)


Martin aoc

Link to the PhotoSet here!


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