Sep 30, 2006

Bear Protection...'not for the meek'

Follow the MTBR thread!

If you're one of those 'gravity fighters' cutting the handle off your toothbrushes to save weight...If you're one of those seasoned Alaskan veterans who likes the peace of mind that comes with carrying some means of 'hey, he's higher on the food chain than I am' bear protection...then this might be a solution for you.

It mounts easily to any bike...anywhere!

It's compact and v.lightweight

With reasonable extension...makes for a
pretty fair fight (read: last resort)

With some really simple safety features

bangstick5 packs one hell of a punch.

Also doubles as shark, sea lion, and stupid human protection.

"The meek shall inherit the earth...but not their rightly place in the food chain!"

To each their own...only in Alaska.

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