Sep 30, 2006

Drive Train Mods...

I'm definately NOT a derailleur type'a guy these days...since I was getting a custom frame from Wildfire Mark and building it up as an expedition bike, I let him convince me to put vert drops on it...the idea being make it as versatile as possible...he was correct...w/ the braze-ons, drops and other misc addons worked onto the frameset the bike could be whatever it wants to be!

The Rohloff Internal hub w/ single cog in the back warrants some chain tensioning.

Tried both the Surly Singlulator and the Soulcraft Convert on the Wildfire and Pugsley sets...both tensioners are functionally O K but still create that 'weakest link' - relying on a derailleur-like component hanging off the drop...for me, the Surly was giving me significant chain slap on the bumps nearly throwing the chain, the pulley is of poor quality and it is difficult to set up in the field (need a cone wrench to do it properly)....the Soulcraft is sweet construct but was difficult to tighten down properly and the quick release doesn't work well under conditions.

Started customizing my own spec tensioner but found the [URL=""]Rennen Rollenlager product.. it [/URL]is exactly the design I had in mind...mounts off of the axle and double supported using a beefy bolt off the derailleur hanger...bomb proof and more like the extension of the frameset I am looking for...quality is excellent including sealed cart bearing. Killer app...Here's what it looks like:

Rollen product shot 2





Changed the layout of the shifter and brake on the Jones Bar as per Jeff Jones original suggestion...had to cut down (dremel) the Rohloff twist shift to fit in the crux between the straight extension the the main bar, cut out bar tape to fit Avid brake lever...this puts the shifter forward of my common hand placement and still gives finger access to the brake. Works great:




Still working on the bottom end of the bikes...looking to build out some variability in the chain line at the BB / Crankset w/out stacking / spacing CR bolts...IMHO this is a temp solution for serious expedition bikers as it creates a definate 'show stopping' weak link. Parts arriving this coming week...two words: Profile Racing

Drive trains I'm accomodating are:
1) internal geared single cog rears,
2) derailleurless multispeed (DMS) and SS freewheels using Doug White's parts...these are truly the best freewheels I've ever riden - just awesome - American machining at it's best and the bearings are very accessible for repacking too - if you're SSing and not using these parts U R missing out,
3) the legacy WTB GG shimano cassette hubs with single cogs...the catch all and the standard trad hub config for sure.

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