Apr 9, 2009

Frames Compared


Wildfire FatBike - http://www.wildfirecycles.com/fatbikes.html
- Cost: $995
- Frame: Chromo; 4.6lbs (19”); custom options.
- Fork: 2.5lbs; spacing 100 mm
- Wheel issues: 160mm rear hub spacing; no offset.
- BB: 100 mm
- Dropouts: Vertical disc.
- Made in: USA
- Warranty: 5 years
- Ride: Priceless

Chain Reaction 9:Zero:7 - http://www.chainreactioncycles.us/907.html
- Cost: $1899
- Frame: Ti; 3.3lbs (17”)
- Fork: Built around a 450mm A-C, The Pugs 100mm fork will work. We also stock Black Sheep Ti and Desalvo forks to match.
- Wheel issues: 160mm rear spacing, non-offset
- BB: 100mm
- Dropouts: Vertical.
- Made in: USA
- Warranty: Lifetime
- Ride: Indisputably the best (This is an inside joke, so don't hammer me on this - I say it tongue in cheek).

Surly Pugsley - http://www.surlybikes.com/pugsley.html
- Cost: $575 - $600
- Frame: chromo; 5.66lbs (18")
- Fork: 2.52 lbs uncut; 135mm spacing
- Wheel issues: 135mm hub spacing front and back; funky 17.5mm offset
- BB: 100mm
- Dropouts – horizontal
- Made in:
- Warranty:
- Ride: I don't know, never been on one

Fatback from Speedway - http://speedwaycyclesak.com/pages/fatback.html
- Cost: it says $1500 for frames; custom forks starting at $400 (is that on top of the 1.5K? I'm stoopid)
- Frame: sweet Ti, custom available with lots of fork options; 3.5lbs (18”)
- Fork:
- Wheel issues: 165mm rear spacing; no offset
- BB: 100mm
- Dropouts:
- Made in:
- Warranty: 3 yrs
- Ride: I don't know, never been on one




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