Dec 23, 2008

Derailleurless Multispeed

Derailleurless Multi-Speed

[Overview: Expedition style drivetrain; primary winter riding - remote frozen river trail and beach coastal evirons; purpose - simplicity and variability, minimalist but not without; builder - Martin Leonard III]

Surly Pugsley Framset


Phil Cassette Hub
Paul Tensioner
Surly SS Cog / 22t


Surly Whirly Crankset
Surly and Salsa Rings
22t / 30t / 33t


3 Speed Manual Transmission...Simple
Two Main Gear Ratios: 39.5 / 43.5 gearinches
Bailout Gear Ratio: 29.0 gearinches


And if you're really can shift with a flick of the toe!



Anonymous said...

You take good different angle snap........

Entertainment at one stop

Vito said...

I would love to know how this set-up worked for you. I'm interested in building up a Pugsley primarily for winter riding here in Minnesota.

My thought initially is go ss because of the simplicity and less $$$.

I would appreciate any feedback.


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