Nov 23, 2007

FatBack Ti Frameset

Fatback Titanium Frame from Speedway Bicycles.

link to Speedway Cycles, Anchorage, Alaska


Another fine Alaskan Product...the guys and gals at Speedway are on top of the art of Fatbiking in Alaska...lots of fine products in their shop and a lot of knowhow to go along with it.

FATBACK in snow

FATBACK clearance

It has mondo clearance, vertical droputs, 100mm width fork, (other fork options and widths available,) 100mm bb so you have all possible gears. Plenty of standover in all sizes, and best of all it's ti. It's the perfect material for a snowbike-light (3.3 for a 16, 3.5 for an 18, and 3.65 on a 20) and rust free.

FATBACK sunset

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