Nov 19, 2006

Rohloff Winterizing


Most Speedhub users agree that Rohloff case oils are winter competent / functional only to ~ freezing temps. At the temps we're running the hubs in Alaska, below 0dF can be the average, the Rohloff oils are useless.


So....numerous folks have looked @ possible solutions...

Rohloff Oil int the Cold...Cryo Results

It is very nice to have access to a cryogenic freezer.

Running the freezer at ~ minus50dC / minus59dF.

I'll post some results from testing Arctic Oil destined for the Rohloff Hub.


Mobil 1 Synthetic 0W: thick honey! (not effective)

Rohloff All Use Oil: (? still cooking)

Kerosene thinned Rohloff all use Oil: watery! ( too watery ?, leakage)

Kerosene thinned Molykote grease: (? still cooking)

Kerosene thinned LubriPlate grease:


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