Jan 27, 2009

Winter Foot System


A - Liner sock, Generic Polyester Mens Dress Sock
B - VBL Sock, RBH, Single Layer (top)/Insulated (bottom(insideout))
C - Insulation Sock, RBH VBL Combo (top)/Hollowfill Wool(bottom)
D - Boot, Solomon B52 TS GTX (top)/Insulated Footbeds(bottom)
E - Gaiters, Outdoor Research, Epic Fabric
F - Overboot Insulated, Wiggys
G - Overflow Overboot, Wiggys


I think I have about the same $ invested in my footsystem...I guess you get what you pay for in footgear. You could probably (lol, I know you can) go 2 the second-hand store and pickup a pair of old softsole sorels and then head-over to the food store and clip a dozen fruit/vegetable plastic bags for vbls, slap a good gaiter on them...and get pretty good results too...for way way less!

Really liking the idea of layering on the feet, just like we do with our other clothing systems, because it adds to the variability... the real trick is accommodating all conditions...on expeditions and esp. here in the Delta I'm forced to work across the gamut of conditions...thus, the layered, interchangeable, foot system.

I gotta say...

the Wiggys overflow waders, at 8oz, tiny packsize and fitting over all my gear...I don't leave home without them...life saver here! If we were to have a race here on the Kusko I would make them mandatory gear.

the Wiggys Lamilite insulated boots are way way warm....preliminary look is good but the verdict is still out on how far you can walk in them though...will know more after spring expeditioning.

RBH vbls are way superior to anything else I've used...insulated version is rightup there with any other sock combination I've used.

the Solomons are IT for me...super light for a winter boot, plenty warm just the right amt. thinsulate (I think 400gm), just the right flex in the sole which doesn't freeze and most important, the fit for for my wide foot is perfect...I'm using them @ 2 sizes-oversized. A real winter hiking boot...the only mods I made were that I nailed some sheet metal screws to the sole for traction and put some longer laces on them.

using men's dress socks is not only 'style'ish' they are the only liner socks I've ever worn that actually 'stays up' and doesn't sink into a ball under my foot...thats good!

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