Dec 12, 2006

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Source of information for winter cycling, and the creators of the Snow Cat rims! The AWS site has the latest in reccomendations for tires, suggestions about boots, and most important, intel on setting up your bike for winter.



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Dec 7, 2006

Fatbike Camping Nuggets

Light in weight, efficient use of technology, complete systems are a few personal Nuggets for those fatbike-cyclists who are looking for lightweight kits to complement their winter Kruzing and /or Racing.

These suggestions are not based on a 'do without' mentality...ideally, we'd all like to enjoy some 'level of comfort' AND a 'large margin of safety' especially at ultra-low ambient temps. How to accomplish that within some stringent weight and volume requirements?




BushBuddy stove is an improved version of the original TREKSTOV, being slightly smaller and lighter, and with an improved grate design that is less prone to clogging with ash.

The stove complete weighs just 10 3/8 oz., and makes a compact package 4 5/8 in diameter and 4 1/8 high when nested (which will fit inside most 1 ½ liter pots). Because it burns wood, it is a very economical stove to use as there is no need to carry your fuel (albeit some fire starters)with you wherever wood is available (it does not need batteries).

A wind break is necessary to maintain proper airflow to the stove. Too much air and you're constantly feeding the will burn through a lot of wood. Keeping the airflow regulated with a wind break/shield of some sorts is the key. I just bring along my MSR great.

You will also need to have someway to segregate the pot used with the stove from the rest of your gear...soot from wood burning gets everywhere...I use a separate stuffsac that is dedicated to the blackened pot.




Ultralight down quilts, sleeping bags, jackets and booties made in the USA with the world's finest materials.

skaha-hoodie-3d-large kobuk-knickers

The Skaha Plus is an ultralight down sweater with a fully baffled integrated hood. Based on the Skaha, the hoodie has the added protection of a down filled hood for only one extra ounce, complete with toggle and drawcord face closure. The entire lightweight down jacket is built with 3/4" baffling and is filled with 800+ goose down. The Skaha Plus is warm, but not bulky. At under 10 oz total weight size medium), this is an amazing piece of gear. Sleep in it!

Kobuk knickers are the perfect companion for our ultralight Skaha down sweater. Baffled down knickers are a huge boost of warmth. There's an elastic drawstring in the waist, and the same generous cut to allow for ample layering and ease of movement. We use the optional suspenders made with lightweight 3/4" webbing.

arc-alp-open arc-alp-bottom-closed

Nunatak Down Quilt

Oware Bivy


Big Agnes Lost Dog OverBag Don't put your moisture into your down insulation...put it in a lightweight sythetic overbag that is easy to air dry. 20oz, Primaloft insulation with a pertex shell, w/ a pad sleeve for retangular pad.

Pacific Outdoor Products Max Thermo is the thickest lightweight pad I've used...the 3/4 length weighs in at 15oz and packs to minimal 10in x 4in. and inflates OK.


Pacific Outdoor Products Uber Micro is the lightest, yet fully functional, closedcell foam pad I've used...the 3/4 large weighs in at 3oz and serves as a great backup to air mats and for general camp use. Folds nicely.




Stephenson Tent
Stephenson Warmlite...if you've not heard of the 'house that Jack Built' you've been behind the times since the 60s. These tents have been setting the standard in the Arctic for years...pound per pound, the strongest and warmest 'full-on' tents in the world. Double walled, good ventilation, very light...far exceeds any singlewall or bivy at similar weights and a true engineering study.

We have a 3ERV and a 2ERV...Jack's son runs the company now and with some vision has added a recent 2C (climber's) to the line...shorter lighter than the standard 2R could be the perfect solo winter tent...will try it with the new large door but without the endliner and side windows on this will be used strictly as a winter tent...less holes the better.

alphamid03 alphamid12

OWARE Tarp Tents Traditional miners style four sided tarp tents...ultralight fabrics and minimalist construction makes these the standard for floorless tents. We use the Alphamid and the traditional 'miners' tarp/tents.




Pacific Outdoor Products ultralight drybags make the perfect minimalist panniers. The relief valve allows for molding of load...keeps gear dry and well organized.

Little voice says: protect your nice to your feet...I get out of the boots and VBL socks asap and 'protect my feet'. The Feathered Friends Booties are plush and worth every ounce.